Monolithic silos (S.M.)

Salt Silos

C.T.S. has created a new series of Fiberglass Silos for the storage of salt

Salt Silos have the following features:

- Fiberglass body in the Vertical Joint Version, painted inside (smooth inside)

- Hot dip galvanized Legs

- Loading pipe (stainless steel AISI 304) for pneumatic load

- Vent pipe PVC diam. mm 160 or 200

- Inspection ladder with protection rings

- Lid with hermetic closure

- Stainless steel bolts and nuts

Salt Silos are also available in the monolithic version.

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CTS offers a new range of silos called “CALVI-MILK” for the storage of powder milk (zootechnical use). Silos for Milk are equipped with vibrating system that helps the descent of the product.



CTS Calvinsilos presents a new range of reinforced fiberglass silos for the storage of high-specific-weight products like for example spreading salt, calcium carbonate, sand and limestone. This type of silos is suitable for the storage of any kind of dry product which have a maximum specific weight of 1,5 ton/m3. The long-lasting fiberglass body guarantees high resistance to extreme weather conditions and a perfect thermal insulation.

Our reinforced silos are equipped with an heavy duty frame made of galvanized steel. They allow an easy gravity discharge of the stored products. The material can be extracted by hand via a manual gate installed at the bottom of the silos or alternatively using extraction special augers made of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Also they are supplied with: Transparent level inspection stripe, Hot-dip galvanized supports, Pneumatic loading pipe (made of stainless steel AISI 304 for aggressive or corrosive material like the salt) and Vent pipe in PVC, Inspection ladder with protection rings, Cover (different types and different opening-systems)...

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