CTS CALVINSILOS has been working in farming and zootechnics since 1970 when it was constituted by the family Mutti. Therefore it boasts an over forty-year-long experience in fiberglass silos production.

Attilio and Giuseppe Mutti (the holders) through their experience, knew how to synthesize the best building techniques and how to select the fittest materials.

The silos have different holding capacities and are built in three versions: Monolithic (S.M.), Vertical Joint (S.I. and S.E.I. for container) and Horizontal Joint (S.M.E.).

Supporting legs are made of hot-galvanized iron pipes to prevent them from rusting.

The silos can be reinforced or undergo special treatments to contain liquids, powder, pellets, grain, sugar, flour, chemicals and fertilizer, mineral salt and food stuff for human consumption.

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