Silos for Wood Pellet

CTS silos (Monolithic Silos, Vertical or Horizontal Joint Silos) are perfect for the storage of wood pellets. They are lightweight, hermetically sealed, they can guarantee strong thermal insulation and high mechanical resistance. CTS Silos do not require any special maintenance and they can guarantee a long life time cause they do not corrode and do not oxidize. The range of capacities goes from m 3 2 (about ton12 of wooden pellets) up to m 3 73 (approx. ton 44). If you are a retailer of boilers for wood pellet or you are a producer of wood pellet, together we could understand the best solution to offer to your customers also in terms of loading-system for the silos and systems for the extraction and handling of the pellets. The extraction-system can be customized, we could either use a rigid type of auger or a flexible conveyor. The rigid screw conveyors are made of galvanized-steel or stainless steel while the flexible augers are perfect for special installations as they are composed of a PVC external high-strength pipe (straight or curved) and an internal flexible spiral.


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