Silos for wooden pellet  (Calvin Wood)

Silos for wooden pellet (Calvin Wood) C.T.S. CALVINSILOS srl Isorella (BRESCIA) Italy

CTS silos are perfect for storing wood pellets. They are light, airtight, guarantee strong thermal insulation and high thermal resistance. They do not require special maintenance and guarantee a very long life over time as they do not corrode or oxidize. The available capacities range from m3 2 (approximately 12 quintals of pellets) up to m3 73 (approximately 440 quintals). If you are a reseller of pellet boilers or a producer of wood pellets, we can study together the best solution to offer your customers, also in terms of systems for loading silos and systems for extracting and handling the pellets. The extraction systems are tailor-made and, depending on needs, both rigid and flexible augers can be used. The rigid augers are made of hot-dip galvanized iron or stainless steel, while the flexible augers are perfect for particular installations because they are made with high-resistance PVC pipes and bends and flexible spirals inside.

CalvinWood is a silo suitable for the storage of wood pellets, for the supply of pellet boilers. CalvinWood can be customized with different colors and integrated with screw conveyor systems according to various needs.
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